Pain Relief Treatments

About pain

Pain is a responce induced by the body to make you aware something is not as it should be.  Pain maybe categorised as either acute or chronic according to it's duration, and how it experienced by each and every person may be quite different. The intensity of the pain experienced may vary from person to person and what is painful for one person may not be for someone else. The location of the pain may or may not be a direct indication of its source but it is helpful to know exactly where you may be feeling it.

Not all pain is physical, much pain manifests in mental or emotional traumamatic situations and the responce felt may be very similar to the physical pain felt by some people. Pain can be debilitating and interfere greatly with a person's lifestyle

Pain is probably the biggest reason for patients to visit their doctor or other therapist, however it is not all bad. Being able to feel pain is a useful tool thats lets us know there is something wrong and we need to do something about it. Understanding this can be a challenge for some people especially those who have been suffering chronic pain for some time.

Getting Pain Relief


 To treat pain effectively you need to find the cause of the problem and eliminate it. If for example you cut your arm, the pain induced by this injury is telling you there is something wrong, easy you can see its the cut and with time as the body heals itself the pain will dissipate and eventually go away. However not all situations are this simple but the key is to find and eliminate the cause. 



In many cases the pain maybe to severe to be able to treat the underlying problem, in this case it is important that either the most severe symptoms are taken care of first or the symptoms are treated in some way.

Treating the underlying cause

As I have mentioned above removing the cause of the problem is the key to solving pain. When using acupuncture as a treatment the therapist should always be aiming to treat the underlying cause of the condition. This is generally done by working out an energetic pattern that you are presenting with at the time you seek help. Points will be selected on the basis of correcting any imblance that presents itsself. This is not a static situation, as you improve your condition changes some symptoms subside and others may appear for a time, progress may be up and down but as long as you are moving forward the problem will be resolved. 

Some things to take note of

What aggravates your pain and what brings relief

These two things in themselves can help you to eliminate your problem in many cases. If something aggravates your situation avoid it or stop doing it all together, this doesn't always mean forever but may mean you can save youself some potential problems in the long run.

If something brings relief do it. For example you may have experienced the type of pain that feels good when you press or rub it as opposed to the type that hurts more when you press it. If that's the case rub it, the warmth of your hand and the rubbing effect will stimulate the flow of blood in the area, the heat produced will also counter any cold that has affected the area bring about a balance and the pain will subside and slowly resolve.  

Treating your situation

If the pain is acute, you may need intensive treatment initially then taper your treatment off as your symptoms subside and your condition improves. You may want to continue with some sort of maintenance to reduce the chances of the condition recurring

If your pain is chronic, you need to take a long term approach, how long will depend on how long you’ve had the condition and how you respond to treatment.

Know when to use conventional medicine and when to use alternative.
You shouldn’t use heavy duty medication for a minor condition where you may need something more than an alternative medicine in some conditions. If you are unsure seek advice.

Rest & relaxation
Pain often forces us to slow down and or rest, allowing the body time to recover. Many conditions will respond more quickly if the body is given time to recuperate, don’t overdo it.

Food is very important in aiding recovery from injury or illness, different foods have different actions and will aid or hinder your recovery some foods help to reduce inflammation while others will aggravate it for example nightsahde vegetables may aggravate inflammation, look at your individual situation and choose accordingly

Exercise can be good in certain situations to aid recovery and reduce pain but may aggravate it in some situations like traumatic injury causing pain. Stop ! Assess your situation before exercising or you may do more harm than good.