Chinese Herbal Remedies


Herbal Medicine

What are Chinese Herbal Remedies ?

Chinese herbal remedies have been used throughout the history of Chinese medicine, their prescription is based on the principles of the Chinese Medical diagnosis and rectify energetic patterns of disharmony that a patient presents with using the properties of the herbs. Their effectiveness is well known and has been monitored and developed over the last 2000 or so years of its use.

Chinese herbal remedies may be prescribed for many different conditions, they can be used as a stand alone treatment or as an adjunct to other treatments like acupuncture. This will depend entirely on what’s required by the patient or what the therapist may recommend.

Why use Chinese herbal medicine?

Thet advantages of Chinese Herbal Medicine are:

Their history of use and proven effectiveness
Helps the body heal while aiding it to build resistance and become more resilient
Formulas are prescribed to the individuals presentation not name of the disease
Long-term results but can help with short term problems
Little or no side effects

Ingredients of herbal prescriptions

Chinese herbal remedies mostly contain plant ingredients here in New Zealand, this may include roots ,stems, twigs,  bark or flowers etc most of which are dried or now may be obtained in granule form. These are checked for contaminants and pesticides before being made available for sale.


Do herbs have side effects?

Although some of the individual herbs may have some toxicity one of the reasons they are in a formula is to nullify this effect and to give a harmonious outcome. This is also sometimes achieved through the cooking process but is not necessary when using a patient or granule formula as these have been processed and any toxic effect removed in the processing.


 How are the herbs taken?

Traditionally Chinese herbal remedies are taken as a formula of synergistic individual herbs. These are cooked, the liquid strained and taken. Now there are also granules tablets pills and tinctures and some ointments. They may be taken before or after meals, or on an empty stomach in some cases. This will depend on the individuals presentation and the type of herbs used. Always check with your therapist if you are unsure about the use.

 How can I get herbs ?

There are Chinese herbal remedies that can be bought over the counter, but for best results it’s always advisable to consult with a therapist to either get advice as to what to buy or to have a specific remedy prescribed to your individual needs.


Do I have to stop taking other medicines?

You do not have to stop taking prescription medicine in fact we advise you not to, as your symptoms improve you may be a advised to revisit your doctor to seek advice on reducing or completely stopping your prescription medication. If you have any concerns about what herbs are being prescribed seek advice from the prescribing therapist.