Kate Barker

Kate Barker - Howick

My first visit to Sean at Acupoint Med was in 2004 for a Neck and dizziness concern that I couldn’t get rid of with any other therapy.  I hadn’t tried acupuncture or Sõseitai muscle release before and wasn’t sure what to expect.  I came out feeling relief for this complaint that I hadn’t felt in over a year.  Since then I have chosen Sean as my first point of contact for medical ailments ranging from Colds and Flu; menstrual cycle; stomach complaints and any back and neck strain.  I regularly recommend Sean for his knowledge and professional approach.
Kate Barker

Helen Diachuk

Helen Diachuk - Botany Downs

I was looking for an alternative to osteopathy and a practitioner who could treat my “ whole body “/system when I discovered Sean’s advertisement and decided to give him a try.

I’ve found that regular visits to Sean have certainly increased my capacity to cope with stress and his treatments have been most relaxing when I have a problem. I always feel that he is addressing the cause and not just the symptoms with his treatments.

I have felt relief from tension in my neck, back and shoulders and from intestinal discomfort. I’ve also experienced a lift in mood especially when feeling vulnerable or low.

I would recommend Sean to you as I have to others because I believe he provides an excellent treatment that gives results. He gives an honest evaluation of what is required to correct a problem and prescribes the necessary number of treatments rather than insisting on ongoing appointments. And his relaxation treatments are great.

Helen Diachuk


Phillippa - Howick

I was not feeling unwell but knew that I was below par. I have a neck problem as the result of a whiplash injury from a car accident and it was causing me periods of nausea and discomfort. I was also having some trouble with indigestion and abdominal discomfort. A colleague recommended that I make an appointment to see Sean as she and her mother had benefited greatly from his services.

I have also benefited in several ways after seeing Sean. I have more energy than I have had for some time. My attitude is more positive and I have not had any abdominal discomfort since having his treatments. It is also the longest period of time I’ve had for some time where I felt comparatively free from neck pain and tightness. I have more freedom of movement and am certainly sleeping a lot better. I’m also more aware of times when I’m holding myself tense or my deportment needs re-adjusting.

I have recommended Sean to others and will continue to do so as his services are easy to access with flexibility with time and clinics. There is the opportunity to fit appointments around work and personal commitments which are negotiated in a friendly and professional manner. The treatment is professionally delivered in a relaxed style which engenders confidence especially as Sean is able to answer questions about the treatment in such a way that I know he is highly skilled in his profession. It is great to have options available that are health focused rather than illness focused.


Philippa W