23 Sep

Nunc feugiat dapibus tellus sed fermentum.


1)    Flexibility gives the joints in particular a wide range of movement. If the joints range of movement is limited by lack of flexibility it increases the chance of injury to either the supporting muscles or the joint itself.


2)    Reduce muscle stiffness and make the body feel more relaxed. By keeping the muscles flexible this will ensure that most movements will be well within the range of the muscles ability to stretch and contract allowing for freedom of movement.


3)    Help coordination by allowing free and easy movement. Limitation of movement lessons the range of movement there hindering coordination


4)    Promote circulation. Tension in the muscles can be a hindrance to the circulation of blood and this can increase tension.

                                              Muscle tension                  Poor circulation


    A good supply of blood and nutrients to the muscles is essential for tissue repair and general maintenance of the body. The blood is also responsible for supplying oxygen to the muscles which is then used to produce energy.


5)  Injury prevention. Flexibility can reduce the risk of injuries such as muscle strains, sprains , shin splints etc. 



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